Idea For Stranded Car Dealers and Some Plant Workers

Back in May, when the news of Chrysler and GM severing ties with some of their franchise dealers was splashing all over the news, I came up with an idea that just might help some of those dealers and one of the manufacturing plants that was to be shuttered.

I emailed my local-national politicians (Tom Udall, Jeff Bingaman, and Martin Heinrich) and the White House (both Barack and Joe), telling them; 'I had an idea, please contact me.' Well, an email never came nor did a phone ever ring. They say on the news that they want to help, but I wonder?

Here is my idea:
  1. We have dealerships without a home out there (AND! employees, voters, campaign contributions, and tax receipts)
  2. We want higher fuel mile-per-gallon standards in place (good for more votes!)
  3. We have plants and parts suppliers shutting their doors (more employees, votes, campaign contributions, and tax receipts)
Suggestion: Give them a new product to build and sell.

In Australia the Peugeot 308 HDi (Hybrid Diesel) set a world record for fuel economy by getting 75 MPG on the highway in a trip around the continent. (Go Google "Peugeot 308 HDi world record").

Peugeot has not sold cars in this country since the first oil shock in the 1970s.

  1. Take one plant that has been shut
  2. Take the dealers that have been cut loose
  3. Take $5-to-$10 billion of that damn stimulus money
AND, roll them all together to create:

Need any more help, my opinion, like my ass, is full of it. At least I came up with something.

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