Wall Street Credit Crisis‏

Dear Congress,

Please make the executives of Wall Street that perpetuated this credit crisis pay back their salaries for the past five years. These executives getting paid millions of dollars, while I lost all of my stock, is CRIMINAL. I am a poor person, and lost $30k of Washington Mutual stock, about a fourth of my retirement assets. While guys like Kerry Killinger took home millions and millions of dollars, all the while running the bank to non-existence.

I want the top executives, and the board of directors, of the following firms to return their pay/compensation/options, etc. for the past five years:

Bear Stearns
Countrywide Financial
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Lehman Brothers
Merrill Lynch
Washington Mutual
(and others)

Take away their MONEY!

Some justice please!



Next United States Treasury Secretary / Federal Reserve Chairman

My choice for the next United States Treasury Secretary / Federal Reserve Chairman:


William H. "Bill" Gross
- Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO)


James "Jim" Grant - "Grant's Interest Rate Observer"

I wanted these guys after Alan Greenspan for Federal Reserve Chairman, but I didn't get that, they put in Ben Bernanke, an academic instead.

And, they put in a Goldman Sachs guy (Henry Paulson) for Treasury Secretary instead. Boy, did he take his money and run from the Wall Street credit crisis.

I seriously doubt Warren Buffett wants the job. 1) He has a better job, 2) His age, and 3) The politicians won't do the tough things that he would want to do to fix government.

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