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"There are certain things in which one is unable to believe for the simple reason that he never ceases to feel them. Things of this sort— things which are always inside of us and in fact are us and which consequently will not be pushed off or away where we can begin thinking about them— are no longer things; they, and the us which they are, equals A Verb; an IS."
~ Edward Estlin Cummings from "is 5" (1926)
(you might want to read that again......)

Soundtracks > Recommendation:

Okay, normally I hate soundtracks. I just don't like them.

But, when I was watching the movie Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice), I just loved the soundtrack. It was very hot, passionate, and sexy. It seemed to jump out at me, and be a very big part of the movie, helping to tell the sexual energy that was occurring in the visual.

Jonathan Davis, of KoRn, was the main force behind the soundtrack. So, if like alt-goth, KoRn, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Static-X, Papa Roach, give this a try. I HIGHLY recommend this one. This is one soundtrack that you can add to your collection.

Lestat: But I never understood until I met you.
Jessie: What do you mean?
Lestat: You're beautiful to me because you're human. Your frailty, your short years, your heart; even as you think it's breaking. All that seems suddenly more precious than anything I've ever known.
Jessie: I'm not as precious as you think.

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Queen of the Damned
(Review: William Ruhlmann @ Allmusic)
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Release date: February 19, 2002
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