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Qualcomm or Motorola buying Lucent

A recent BusinessWeek article, 11-Feb-2005 - by Steven Rosenbush, cites a report from Merrill Lynch Telecom analyst Tal Liani:

Regarding Lucent (LU):

"...analyzing what a combination of Lucent and wireless equipment maker Motorola (MOT) would look like."
"Wireless technology giant Qualcomm (QCOM), which has a market cap of $60 billion, also has the financial wherewithal to make a deal work."

Qualcomm buying Lucent makes no sense at all to me, and while Motorola might make a little more, it's not much.

Why would a company dilute their faster growing-higher margin business by buying a slower growing-lower margin business?

If Qualcomm or Motorola wanted to buy another company it would be newer cutting-edge technology. The same goes for Lucent. Lucent would be better off continuing to clean up their balance sheet, then increase R&D, and purchase they best new technology that they need.

I don't see it. Liani is trying to make the stock go up.

* DISCLOSURE: I don't not own shares of MOT or QCOM. I do own LU.

Nuclear Power & Sen. Pete Dominici

Sen. Pete Dominici (R-NM) has been on the pulpit for nuclear energy for years.

Then why doesn't he put some federal money where his opinion's are.

How about the Fed's backing the building of a new (cutting-edge-technology-age) plant, and to make Mr. Pete happy, I even suggest that he build it in New Mexico in cooperation with Public Service Corp of NM.

Let's get on with it!

* DISCLAIMER: I do not own PNM shares, or work in the power industry.



Boeing & Harry Stonecipher

Boeing should be held to a higher standard because of the business's they are in:

1) Being a defense contractor, their relationship with the U.S. and other governments.

2) A duopoly. The only large passenger aircraft manufacturer in the U.S., and one of only two in the world.

You can't tell me that sleeping with the CEO doesn't effect your job.

I applaud the board at Boeing for sending a message that Boeing is better than this.

It is not very productive when everyone is down at the water cooler talking about who is sleeping with the boss.

* DISCLAIMER: I don't not own shares in Boeing; I don't work in the aerospace industry.

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Life Is Best...

Life is best between 60 and 80.................



Bernie Ebbers and Ignorance

Bernie's defense of ignorance is NOT acceptable. Not knowing what is going on does not get these guys off the hook.

When a CEO's, Chairman's, CFO's, COO's, and President's sign their names to documents that are sent to shareholders, they are saying that they DO know what is going on in these documents. The executives at WorldCom, Enron, Global Crossing, HealthSouth, Adelphia, Tyco, Dynegy, Qwest, etc., can’t claim they don’t know what is going on. By signing the financial documents, they are authorizing the authenticity of those documents, that they are truthful. This is their job, this is what they get paid millions of dollars to do (among other things). By signing they are saying that they SHOULD know what is going on.

This is not a valid defense. It is time to send a message to chief executives everywhere, you need to what IS going on or get another job. You can’t escape culpability by pleading ignorance.

Send a message > Bernie to jail.

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