Bernie Ebbers and Ignorance

Bernie's defense of ignorance is NOT acceptable. Not knowing what is going on does not get these guys off the hook.

When a CEO's, Chairman's, CFO's, COO's, and President's sign their names to documents that are sent to shareholders, they are saying that they DO know what is going on in these documents. The executives at WorldCom, Enron, Global Crossing, HealthSouth, Adelphia, Tyco, Dynegy, Qwest, etc., can’t claim they don’t know what is going on. By signing the financial documents, they are authorizing the authenticity of those documents, that they are truthful. This is their job, this is what they get paid millions of dollars to do (among other things). By signing they are saying that they SHOULD know what is going on.

This is not a valid defense. It is time to send a message to chief executives everywhere, you need to what IS going on or get another job. You can’t escape culpability by pleading ignorance.

Send a message > Bernie to jail.

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