The al-Qaeda in the Hindu Kush

Comments from the cheap seats:

I have not heard this, but I would like to:

I want to see the governments of: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Tajikistan all come together at the table. The armies of each country of India, China, and Tajikistan each mass on their borders to keep any rebels from escaping into those areas. Then, the armies Pakistan and Afghanistan mass north of Islamabad and northeast of Kabul respectively.

Thus forming a pocket to which the U.S. and a UN alliance can then enter the pocket and sweep it from west to east.

Kind of like surrounding a cellar on all sides, then going in and turning on the lights and turning up the heat and watch the rats run to any exits. What the UN alliance doesn't take care of, the pocket armies intercept and capture.

I know that Pakistan has had a hard time getting along with both Afghanistan and India, and that China and Tajikistan have a border dispute. But I would like to see them table or set aside those differences until after this operation is complete.


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