Mexico to fingerprint phone users in crime fight

On Mon Feb 9, 2009 Reuters ran this story by Tomás Sarmiento:

"Mexico to fingerprint phone users in crime fight"

Here is what I see happening because of this law:

A group will kidnap someone, then stash him, then drive down the street until they see someone talking on a cell phone, walk up to the person, shot them, take their phone, make the call, throw the phone in the trash.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

They will just keep repeating the cycle.

Unfortunately, this law will actually increase crime and murder in Mexico.

Once again the Mexican government is too far behind the question to come up with the right answer.

They need to declare martial law and lock down the country, one section at a time. The problem is so bad that only a slash-and-burn approach will work.


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