Making Model Newspapers: Part Two

I just put up a new business model for newspapers.

This is another option of what might be down the road.

The Corporation for Public Print Journalism.
or The Corporation for Public News Reporting

That's right:

PRS - Public Reporting System
or PPNS - Public Print News System
or PNS - Public News System
or PJS - Public Journalism System

Pick one.

Getting the idea? You take the PBS model and apply in to local print journalism. Made possible by Readers Like You.

Of course, with a fund drive in a newspaper, you can just turn the page.

William Randolph Hearst just rolled over. And a little glass globe fell out of his hand. 'Rosebud...'

Unless the current newspapers find a way to survive, this is what lies on the far horizon.

There will be the Frontline section of the paper. There will be the American Experience section. Antiques Roadshow? This Old House? This Old Newspaper more likely.

I have no idea what will happen. If you read my first model, and get guys like Warren Buffett in there, there won't be a problem. But this may very well be what happens if those other ideas fall apart.

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