Los Angeles Dodgers: Retire a Number for Vin Scully

Is it just me or should the Los Angeles Dodgers retire a number for Vin Scully?

Okay, the man has been doing the Dodger games since 1950.

Let's go get into the time machine and turn the clock back:

Give 'em Hell—Truman is president, the H-bomb hasn't been developed yet, Eisenhower wouldn't send any advisers to Vietnam for a few years, but Truman has sent a few, heck, Harry S. starts sending troops to South Korea, the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is formally opened to traffic, the comic strips Peanuts and Beetle Bailey are first published. (If some of you don't know any of these things, that might help tell you how long ago 60 years was.)

And now we're back to the future:

This was 1950 folks:

The year that Ken Griffey, Sr., Doug Ault, Lyman Bostock, and Manny Trillo, were BORN. And so was: David Cassidy, Peter Frampton, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, and Cybill Shepherd.

This was before any team had moved to California.

This man is a Dodger institution! How rare is it that any one person gets to work for the same place for almost 60 years?

So, before we lose the man to the great field of dreams—where the Disciples are bat boys, the L.A. Blue win every game (especially against the Yankees), the white chalk lines, and the weather, and grass are always perfect (and real)—retire a number for him.

I would like the number to be his years of service with the Dodgers.

So, to make this possible, retire No. 60 this year and after he officially stops calling games, make it that number. What if Vin passes while calling a game? I think that would be great way to go.

I would like him to be honored while he is still here and his family can be there and see it. As an additional tribute, put the number on the official Dodgers' press box.

No. 60 would be a good number, don't you think?

So, if you think it is a good idea, contact the Dodgers and tell them about it.

And to you Vin:

Thank you.

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