Juárez Murders; BC's "Highway of Tears"; Peter Greenburg's "Don't Go There!"

Peter Greenberg, the travel editor for NBC’s Today show, CNBC and MSNBC, and author of The New York Times best-seller Don’t Go There!, put the Yellowhead Highway on his list of places NOT to go:

"Don't Go There!"

Peter Greenberg's guide to the must-miss places of the world.

About the Yellowhead Highway Greenburg had this to say:

"Even what seems like a perfectly safe place to visit can be a deadly destination — on the road. Highway 16 in Canada is nicknamed the "Highway of Tears"; in 30 years, there have been at least 43 unsolved murders of women along this isolated highway."

But he didn't have Juárez on the list?

Well, here is what I say:

A) Canada Highway 16, or the Yellowhead Highway goes from Portage la Prairie (Winnipeg), Manitoba, to Prince Rupert (Masset on on the northern coast of Graham Island via ferry), British Columbia.

The "Highway of Tears" is the 724-kilometer portion in British Columbia (Hwy 16) from Prince Rupert to Prince George, according to the RCMP. The RCMP has also extended the Highway of Tears south on BC-Highway 97 to Kamloops.

It is a remote, rugged, and beautiful place.

Of the murder victims, all were young females, all but one of the victims were aboriginal (although they didn't look it), and all were between the ages of 15 and 25 years old when they disappeared (not sure about Maureen Mosie?), and most all of the victims were last seen hitchhiking alone. According to the RCMP there are 18 victims:

1) Monica Ignas, 15, last seen alive December 13, 1974 in Thornhill, just west of Terrace
2) Alberta Williams, 24, last seen alive on August 27, 1989 leaving Popeye's Pub in Prince Rupert at about 2:30 a.m.
3) Delphine Nikal, 15, missing since June 13, 1990 hitchhiking from Smithers to Telkwa
4) Ramona Wilson, 16, last seen alive June 11, 1994 hitchhiking between Smithers and Moricetown
5) Lana Derrick, 19, missing from Terrace since 1995
6) Roxanne Thiara, 15, last seen alive in Prince George in July, 1994 and found dead near Burns Lake in August of that year
7) Leah Alishia Germaine, 15, found dead in Prince George in December, 1994
8) Nicole Hoar, 25, missing since June 21, 2002 hitchhiking west of Prince George
9) Tamara Chipman, 22, missing since September 21, 2005 hitchhiking outside of Prince Rupert
10) Aielah Saric-Auger, 14, found dead on Highway 16 east of Prince George in February, 2006
11) Gloria Moody, found dead in Williams Lake in 1969
12) Micheline Pare, murdered in Hudson Hope in 1970
13) Gale Weys, killed in Clearwater in 1973
14) Pamela Darlington, found dead in Kamloops in 1973
15) Colleen MacMillen, murdered in 100 Mile House in 1974
16) Monica Jack, killed in Merritt in 1978
17) Maureen Mosie, found dead in Kamloops in 1981
18) Shelly-Ann Bascu, missing from Hinton since 1983

So, fat white guys like Peter Greenberg are safer than Jodie Foster in the panic room.

Anyone with information on the Highway of Tears girls please contact Prince George Crime Stoppers at:
1-800-222-TIPS (8377).
Tips can also be made online at:

B) Juárez murders:

In 2008, in the city of Juárez, there were 1,605 murders! Over 2000 for the state of Chihuahua. There were 40 in one 48-hour period. 26 people on Friday November 28.

More than 400 women have been killed since 1993, with the majority of the cases going unsolved.

In August 2008 alone 228 people died. In December 195.

According to the newspaper El Universal based in Mexico City:

Armed groups linked to Mexico's drug cartels murdered around (for the whole country):

1,500 in 2006
2,700 in 2007
5,630 in 2008

Since the war in Iraq started in 2003, at least 4,223 U.S. soldiers have died there (through Jan. 9th 2009). 314 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq in 2008, 904 in 2007.

Iraq is safer than Juárez.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico should declare war and ask the U.S. military to come in and clean it up (at least they could come home for weekends and holidays!). Then we can go clean up Haiti! If I had the money I would start a national advertising campaign here in the United States telling people NOT to go to Juárez or the state of Chihuahua. There should be huge billboards at the Mexican border with images of the bodies and a McDonald's like counter:

"Over X,XXX killed"

Please email Mr. Calderon: Presidencia de la Republica (contacto@presidencia.gob.mx)

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