Can Desert Solar Supply Europe's Energy?

Read this article by Jens Lubbadeh from Spiegel Online at Business Week:

Can Desert Solar Supply Europe's Energy?

And, here is my reply:

If the OPEC countries are smart, they would take the profits from oil & gas and plow them into this idea. They would continue to have a hold over us (the "West"), fix their coming water problem, and continue their revenue stream after the O&G starts to fade. Since they will hold the political ability to cut the power, they should be the major investors here, and become SoPEC.

For political reasons, this can't be the European Union's only solution, they must promote a three legged stool of renewables: Solar, Wind, and Geothermal. (Throw tidal in there for a fourth leg.) In addition, they should keep pushing some amount of Nuclear, and keep developing Hydrogen.

Along this same reasoning, and politically a lot safer, Australia should build solar plants in Western Australia and sell the power to Southeast Asia. I would invest in that, and also, I would invest in a company that makes insulators, transformers, cable, towers, etc., for building the power transmission grids.

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