Tibet: Dear China, What is the Point?

Dear China,

You, China, are like a ex-husband (or wife) who must control their former spouse. What is the point of holding on to the region other than just a pure power trip?

There is NO oil, no gas, no gold, no coal, no copper, no minerials to speak of of any kind. There are no vast fields of wheat, or corn, or rice, or any crop. The country has very limited arable land. The Tibetan economy is dominated by subsistence agriculture. There is very little economic reason that I can see for China to want to hold on to Tibet. So what is the fucking point?

Can't people have a different opinion? If there is no reason to hold on to the country of Tibet, why not just let it go? You, the Chinese government are "control freaks".

You know, why don't you spend all of this energy cleaning up your polluted air instead, and just leave Tibet and Taiwan alone? Stop using so much coal and petroleum, get on nuclear. Promote more mass transit and stop selling cars. There is so many things you could be doing instead. Like cleaning up your own mess and let Tibet get on with its own dominion.

To the rest of the world: BOYCOTT the 2008 SUMMER OLYMPICS PLEASE!

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