National Energy Plan/Program

Watched John Hofmeister (president of Shell Oil Company) on Charlie Rose last night.


Here is my idea/advice:

Dear John,

Get the top five presidents/CEO's of the domestic oil companies (ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Chevron) and put together an advertizing campaign (television, radio, newspaper & magazine) stating that the U.S. Government MUST formulate a long term energy plan. I want to see all five of them on one stage, united in their message. With the profits that these companies have brought in the past three years they can afford to pay for a major, long term, ad campaign.

Unfortunately the "average joe" doesn't watch Charlie Rose (sorry Charlie), but they do watch sports. NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. Put the ads there and on the top (although they maybe garbage) ten television shows.

Get the nation talking about this and asking their congressman about it. I want to see these guys asking, demanding, that our government leaders do something.

Please make this a priority Mr. Hofmeister?



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