Hillary Clinton is a Lying B*$%#

I always knew this woman would say anything to get elected. Now maybe other people, especially those head-in-the-sand devotees of hers, will see what kind of person she is. But I doubt it, they'll go on believing she walks on water. This woman has no conviction other than just getting elected and having power. She'll say anything at anytime to get people to vote for her.

If you haven't seen the video of her arriving in Bosnia 12 years ago, and the clips of her on the campaign trail the past three months, please, please check it out.


George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were most afraid of something over 200 years ago: "The party system" and that people would become blind and obsessed over political parties and not the people and the character of the person running. I wish people would wake up and know that it is not about Republican and Democrat.

I thought somebody would respond to my post of August last about CHARACTER. But, nobody seems to care.

Two years ago I thought there would be NO way that a Republican could win in 2008, but it looks like the two Democrats, Clinton and Obama, might just beat up on each other until it happens. Way to go Demos.

Note to the women out there: "Say NO to the Vagina Vote!" Don't vote for Clinton just because she is a woman. Don't vote for Obama just because he is Black and so are you. And, don't vote for either because you think: "It's about time we have a _______ in the White House." Don't vote based on sex, or race, or religion, or any of that. Vote for CHARACTER. PS: That counts Clinton out. Speaking of religion, you had better start praying, because God help us.

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